A refreshing idea to turn events into unique and playful happenings


Everyone has an idea of ​​what artistic madness can be. But nothing compares to the aesthetic transgression with which the Montadashi Index promises to revolutionize the concept of fun. All with style and sophistication. Events, happenings, celebrations, product launches, brand revitalizations and much more win new status with the possibilities offered in our catalog of performers. It is pure modernity.


With makeup, costumes and props, our troupe of artists gives concreteness to the most daring and intoxicating proposals. They are able to turn themselves into virtually anything the client imagines, mixing exact doses of irreverence and class, debauchery and fantasy. In the index of characters that make Montadashi there is room for any kind of characterization and interactivity. The performers can be green, warm, whimsical, have two noses and one leg, incorporating our revolutionary cry against the aesthetic dictatorship, highlighting exuberant human diversity. Interventions can happen in cultural centers, residences, clubs, private parties, studios, avenues, in Brazil and worldwide.


Our gallery recrutes characters molded to act at different times and deconstruct anything boring and usual. You can choose one of our set indexes or build your own index. We can take our dressing room to a party, transform guests with make up effects or simply have our performers circulate in the environment, which will most certainly bring bursting dots of energy to any festivity.





A new entertainment concept to have your event or product gain

prominence and relevance. Exit the obvious, come to Montadashi Index!